First List…

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Halloween?  That if I weren’t already in a relationship I would marry Halloween and bear its ghoulish children?

Anyway, since I look forward to Halloween so much, I thought I’d kick off the season a little early with my first Top Ten list… in this case Kathy Sherwood’s Top Ten Women in Horror Movies.  I always enjoyed making lists like this, but my renewed interest in the subject comes partly from the Nostalgia Critic’s Top Eleven Lists (Why eleven?  He likes to go one step above.)

My list will be organized chronologically with 1922 as #10 and 1994 at #1.  I know that’s not typical in the top whatever list style, but that seems fairer to the older movies where the heroine was mostly just supposed to look pretty.  Actually, things haven’t changed that much.  Now the heroine is just supposed to be a virgin. Go figure.


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