Time For A New List

I think so.  It’s been a while anyway, and I’m a bit short on witty things to say about things in general.  Better to confine myself to a multi-part series.

This time I will make a list in response to the Nostalgia Critic’s list of the Top 11 Scariest Performances, most of which were not my cup of tea (and I’ll admit it right now, I’ve never seen Misery). The list is here, by the way (

Of course, we all have different buttons, so what scared me may not scare the next reader.  We’ll see.  Hopefully we all come away from it with more movies to see, or at least some food for thought.

And a good fright is just like a tonic, which I definitely need this time of year if I want to be my usual scary self by Halloween.  This time the list will be ranked from scary(11) to SCARY!!!(1).


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