Top 11 Scariest Performances #3 Goldie (Clifford Price)

GoldieI saw this movie while hunkered down for Hurricane Sandy.  It was oddly appropriate.

B.U.S.T.ED. or Everybody Loves Sunshine (1999) won’t win any “best gangster film” awards, but it has its pluses.  Besides David Bowie as the mob accountant in over his head, there’s the villain, Terry, played by British hip-hop artist and actor, Goldie (ne Clifford Price).  You may have seen him in The World Is Not Enough.

The movie begins with Terry and his younger cousin, Ray, being released from prison.  Terry wants to pick up where they left off and continue their war with a gang made up of mostly Chinese drug-dealers; Ray wants to go more or less straight and open his own club.  This, and Ray’s new romance with a woman named Clare he met a party, do not go over well with Terry, who harbors an incestuous obsession of his cousin.  To satisfy his jealousy, Terry enlists the reluctant aid of Bernie (the accountant), kidnaps, rapes, and holds Clare prisoner, while at the same time arranging a hit of one of their own, to make sure Ray will help him rub out their competitors.  Ray falls for it hook, line, and sinker, but then gets a surprising voicemail from the fed-up Bernie just as the camera blacks out.

As Terry, Goldie is absolutely terrifying.  His expression as he spies on Ray and Clare at the party where they meet is one of murderous hatred.  The frequent temper tantrums he uses to scare people into doing what he wants work, by golly.  But his two-faced nature makes him all the scarier.  In one scene he can fish with Ray and lend him his mobile to try and call Clare (who he has by now kidnapped) again, all smiles and seemingly harmless brotherly affection.  Then he goes back to the car where she is tied up and beats her again.  His mood swings are very believable, too– perfectly in character with Terry’s blue-collar, disturbed criminal persona.  You literally never know what will set him off, and that could find you on the business end of an automatic pistol– a very undesirable place.

So while it is not a great movie, it’s still worth a look.  Even if the villain has you peeking through the hands covering your eyes.


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