A Bit of Halloween Nostalgia

This nostalgia would be aided by some old photos of me in my various Halloween costumes, but unfortunately my dad has them three states away, and probably couldn’t tell me where they were even if I was there anyway.  Anyway, on Friday I’m going with a friend of mine when he takes his son trick-or-treating– he’s going to be Yoda (aww!), and it made me think of some of my favorite costumes: She-Ra, the Bride of Frankenstein, BeautyJuice (because my parents wanted me to be something “feminine” instead of Beetlejuice).

All of them had something in common… they were homemade.  Actually, 99% of my costumes were… my parents were very anti-bought costumes.  Getting a witch’s hat for that year was a real struggle.  Oddly enough, they didn’t put up a fight about my Bride of Frankenstein wig.

Anyway, for the next three, I wore the dress from that costume again to be Isis, a Bride of Dracula, and a ghost.  Then I ended my trick-or-treating as a werewolf.  But it wasn’t the last costume; I still dressed up to give out candy, and I’ll dress up again on Friday.  And my costume will still be mostly homemade… wig and make-up bought, of course.

I won’t lament and complain that no one makes costumes anymore, because I know that’s not true.  Most costumes are bought, yes, but I still see plenty of handy people putting their costumes together.  Last year I lost out on  the “Scariest Costume” prize to a Japanese student who probably spent an hour putting the finishing touches on her gaping wounds.  Disappointing, but I can’t deny that she deserved the prize.  It’s certainly better than losing to another Ghostface (as much as I like Scream).

Hopefully there will be more little handmade ghosts and goblins running loose in Ohio (and elsewhere) this Friday.  Halloween is a great community experience, in my opinion, and it would be a shame to see it all vanish inside malls and parking lots, or even worse, into paranoia about the candy.  But that’s another post.


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