Halloween! (repeat and fade)



The first elementary school I attended (kindergarten through third grade) took Halloween very seriously.  One teacher turned her house into something that wouldn’t have been out of place in Nightmare Before Christmas, and encouraged us to trick or treat there.  She and her husband were in full costume, of course; she dressed up as a witch, and he dressed up as a ghost, except for the year she was a skeleton and he an alien.

Aside from trick or treat, she and the music teacher instilled in us a love of goofy Halloween music.  Her favorite was “Witch’s Brew.” ( Listen, and try to get it out of your head.  I dare you.

The songs the music teacher had us sing proved a bit more difficult to find, but one of my all-time favorites was “The Bat Dance.” ( This song was especially dear to me, not only because it was slow and easier to sing, but there were a ton of bats around my house.  We just had to walk up the hill, and it was like the introduction to Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

Then there was “Do the Igor.”  I never liked this one as much (being hypnotized into dancing creeped me out), but I have to include it because it was a huge presence.  And it has a really kick-ass organ solo. (

Any Halloween mix would be incomplete without “The Monster Mash” of course.  This was a party I always wanted to attend– after all, Boris sent me! (  It was a constant nag as a tot that I never did get to do the Mash with my favorite monsters… dancing with Dracula was practically a life goal.  More proof of my incurable weirdness.

Anyhoo, enjoy the music– comment with more, and happy Halloween!


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