Yes, It’s That Time Again

My American readers have undoubtedly noticed.  The obnoxious ads on TV, the signs cluttering up every public patch of grass, and a few yards as well, plus whatever stories and ads you come across on the Internet.  I know you’ve heard it a million times, so let’s just make it a million and one, and I won’t bring it up again until next year.  Do your civic duty and vote!

And yes, I voted.  I sent my absentee ballot back to my state of origin a couple of weeks ago (being a grad student, I’m stuck with that state instead of the one where I live).

This year, as the right of franchise gets stripped away, it’s especially important to get out and show the powers that be that we the people care and won’t stand for that kind of behavior.  40,000 voter registrations “misplaced”?  My other leg has bells on it; try pulling that one.

After all that people have gone through to get that right to vote (getting illegally arrested, being beaten, going on hunger strikes, being beaten, getting firehosed, being thrown in jail, having their property destroyed, and even death), it’s downright apathetic and ungrateful not to vote!  Also, if you don’t at least try, you are not allowed to complain.


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