Another List

Hello, lovely readers.

I’ll be going away this weekend (expect a post about weddings), but in the meantime I’ll dream up a list of my Top 10 Cinematic vampires in the meantime.  That’ll be difficult to choose, and unfortunately, there will be several Draculas, but it can’t be helped.

No Count Orlok, though, and no TV vampires.  Sorry Buffy and Sesame Street fans. Also no Twilight!  Ever!

Excuse me.  I must have lost my temper there.  It’s just that vegetarian, abusive, stalker vampires who shun sex are about as ridiculous as suggesting that Cesare Borgia played Santa Claus for the poor children of Rome, and purely out of the goodness of his heart.

After the vampires, we’ll fully ring in this winter holiday season!


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