This Would Be Awesome!

I'm dreaming of a space Christmas...

I’m dreaming of a space Christmas…

When I was a kid, one of my favorite authors was Audrey Wood.  She wrote about the Big Hungry Bear, a weird bunch of people who all nap on top of each other, and a little kid named Patrick who builds himself a wonderful playhouse with dinosaurs, bubbles, and islands….  But she also wrote The Christmas Adventure of Space Elf Sam— a delightful little book about an elf whose job it is to take gifts to the children on Earth colonies in space.  He crashes on an unknown planet and ends up introducing Christmas to the aliens there.

It’s charming, not too messagey or religious (we’re talking about teaching aliens how to hang ornaments on a sentient shrub), and has plenty of opportunities for cool animation, montage, and ready-made-dialogue with the introductions, explanations, and good cheer of preparing for the holiday.  We could bring in some really nice voices, too.

Chris Pratt could be the Space Elf, and just to shake things up, Robert Englund could be cast against type as Santa Claus.  John Hurt could be the King of the aliens (which would explain a lot), and someone like Ciara Bravo (the awesome little sister on Big Time Rush) could play the Princess.

A studio like Dreamworks, known for its good animation, could take up the project.  I’d see it at least twice… I’d borrow kids to see it again!

Check out the Amazon sample– or better yet, buy it!  It’s seriously under-priced (


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