Top 10 Christmas Specials #6 A Night Before Christmas

Poor Tom....

Poor Tom….

In the same vein as “Bedtime for Sniffles” but more of a “Christmas special” is the Tom & Jerry cartoon.  This was, I believe, the only time the cat and mouse duo had a Christmas cartoon, but the result was splendid.

You can tell by looking at the expensive, detailed animation, as well as the more animal-like noises Tom makes that this is an early cartoon.  Just a detail for impressing people at parties.

Anyway, Jerry comes out of his mouse-hole to find a Christmassy mouse-trap waiting for him.  He laughs at it and begins the adorably and funny task of playing with the gifts under the tree.  Unfortunately, what he thought was a teddy bear turned out to be Tom’s butt, and the cat was none too pleased about being waked up by having Jerry trying to bounce on him.  They chase each other around the tree and make traps for each other until Tom finally catches Jerry and throws him outside into the snow.  He tries to go back to sleep, but his conscious starts to bother him.  Looking outside, he sees that Jerry has frozen into a block of ice.

Horrified he brings the mouse back in, thaws him out by the fire and gives him a candy cane.  Jerry is skeptical at first then stops Tom from drinking his booby-trapped milk (there was a mouse-trap inside it).  A Christmas truce was brokered that night, and it never happened again.  Peace on earth… goodwill to mice.


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