Top 10 Christmas Specials #5 Arthur’s Perfect Christmas

arthur_perfect_christmasThis one wins the diversity award.  It also wins an award for trope inversion, and for annually pissing off my most narrowly religious relatives (non-believers… whooooh!).  That was supposed to sound spooky.

Anyway, everyone’s favorite aardvark has a very detailed idea of how perfect this Christmas will be.  Unfortunately, the road is fraught with difficulties.  His friends have trouble, too.  Buster’s helicopter mom is so obsessed with making his fatherless Christmas absolutely perfect that he’s getting no sleep.  Muffy doesn’t listen when Francine declines the invitation to her Christmas party because her family is celebrating Hannukah that night.  Binky is poisoning everyone with his bad cooking and needs to hone his skill before his family works at a homeless shelter on Christmas.

Eventually, of course, things work out, and we get a lot of education.  Muffy finally apologizes to Francine, who tells her about Hanukkah. (Who expected the lower-class Frenskys to be Jewish?  Trope inversion!)  Brain also educates viewers on Kwanzaa.  Buster and his mother decide to celebrate Baxter Day instead of Christmas (this is the part that always upsets my relatives).  Most of the major options for winter celebrations are covered here, and for a “Christmas” special, that’s pretty good.  Especially since they were only working with about an hour.

Yes, it’s more “kiddie” than a lot of the other options on this list, but it’s still worth a look.


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