A Shout Out

It took me all the way up to Epiphany to finish my Christmas posts, which means I’m rather late in giving a shout-out.

I found myself traveling over the holiday, and over the course of my visit I got a really nasty chest cold that I’m still getting over.  I had to fly back to my parents’ house with it.  I left my original destination at 7 a.m. and had constant air turbulence.  Once I arrived in Atlanta shortly after nine, I was a wreck.  After my stomach finally decided it wanted to stay inside my body, I decided I needed a drink.  Early morning though it was.

Eventually I found myself at the Juke Joint in the airport.  I got a table and ordered something called “the Color Purple.”  Grape vodka, lemon, and lemonade, according to the menu… not bad.  Now keep in mind, I was sick, hadn’t really slept the night before (many thanks to my cold) and had just come off an uncomfortable flight.  I probably looked like hell.

My waitress was concerned about me.  I could tell.  She came back and checked on me several times, always asking if I was okay, and not in the “need more ketchup” sort of way.  It was a busy morning in the restaurant, too.  People were coming and going very fast; in the forty-five minutes I was there, it probably completely changed patrons.  She didn’t have to take the few extra seconds to make sure I was okay.

Obviously, I noticed, and it definitely meant something.  I wasn’t smart enough to find her nametag or bold enough to ask her name, but I sincerely hope she had a happy New Year.


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