Happy Birthday, Thursday’s Child

My own artwork... yes, I'm that big a nerd.

My own artwork… yes, I’m that big a nerd.

In honor of my favorite singer’s birthday, I decided to blog about my favorite David Bowie songs.  Admittedly, that could take days, and I just came off a list, so I’ll limit myself to two: “Thursday’s Child” and “Absolute Beginners.”  Both songs, I think, could use a little love.  And knowing me, the rest will come up later.

The first song, “Thursday’s Child” is one of the first Bowie songs I ever heard.  I was a freshman in college… a bigger neurotic mess than I am today, and one day some of my hallmates decided to watch Labyrinth.  It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  After a visit to, I was trawling around YouTube.  The music video from the sadly underrated Hours came up in the “related” section while I rewatched scenes from the movie.  I was hooked.

“Thursday’s Child” is a quiet, sad, nostalgic song… something I’m a real sucker for.  And the video was suitably unsettling with the reflection in the mirror misbehaving (if my reflection reached through the glass and turned off the taps in the sink, I’d run screaming out of the house because I’m a coward).  Then of course there was Bowie himself, and that voice of his….  Also, I’m a Thursday’s Child myself… and it’s nice to have something attached to the day of the week I was born besides my future financial struggles.

I discovered the song “Absolute Beginners” a little late in the game.  Much as I love Bowie, an eight-minute video required the right frame of mind, but I was instantly hooked from the minute it started playing.  The video has a very film noir quality, but it also rather spooky because he’s followed around London by this strange being who wouldn’t be out of place in a good remake of Cat People.  The song itself is lovely, too.  Kind of old-fashioned (I guess since it’s part of a musical that takes place in the 50s), wistful, poetic….  It’s also easy to memorize and sing.  Apologies to my old hallmates.

Anyway, a very happy birthday to him (here’s hoping for more albums), and here’s the link to my YouTube playlist of favorites (  They’re in no particular order.  What are some of yours?


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