Secret Lives of Babies

So this morning I got sidetracked and spent way longer than I should have reading lists of creepy things small children have said to their adults.  Like most weird little kids, I have no memory if I was one of them, but I do remember stories about my uncle when he was two years old.

He was a somnambulist, and it wasn’t uncommon for my grandparents to get waked up by the phone at 7a.m. to “Mrs. Sherwood?  There’s a naked two-year-old on our picnic table.”  We still don’t know how he managed to get past all the barriers my grandparents put in his way, including a chain-latch on the front door.  Weird.

My uncle would also talk about “the big fire that burned up everything.”  This went on until he was about four, and then it all stopped to the disappointment of his three older siblings and the great relief of my grandparents.  Who, by the way, did some research and decided that he must have been talking about the Great Chicago Fire.  Now all I need is a cigarette and The Twilight Zone theme.

Now, like most people, I have no idea why my uncle experienced this, and I shall have to ask my parents if my brother or I ever did anything similar (my brother had night-terrors until age four, so it’s possible).  It really makes one wonder seriously about reincarnation.  A lot of the kids in the lists I read talked about their “other” lives.  Then again, as our friend Hamlet said, “There are more things in heaven and earth….”  How right he is.


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