Top 10 Disney Supporting Characters #9 Lampy

He may not be very bright, but he's smart enough.

He may not be very bright, but he’s smart enough.

The Brave Little Toaster (1987) was a pickup, and thus not pure Disney, but it still has some really great characters.  Picking one was difficult, but in the end, it was pretty obviously Lampy.

Not very bright, the lamp is nevertheless an important, well-rounded character.  He doesn’t realize when the Air Conditioner insults him.  He cries when the car driving towards the cabin turns out not to be the Master’s.  He is puzzled by the Toaster’s kindness toward the Blanket, and Kirby’s desire to dance alone instead of with the other appliances when they clean.  Then there’s that sibling-rivalry he has with Radio.

But he performs the potential suicide mission of acting as a lightning rod in order to recharge the battery they’re using to get to the City of Light.  And it doesn’t seem out of character.

The appliances all understand electricity, so it’s quite probable that he knows what needs to be done for the battery to work again.  He had also been recently talking to the Toaster about why the brave one had started being nicer to the Blanket, and was very taken with the notion that it was like a glow– the feeling he gets when he thinks about the Master.  With Blanky blown away by the storm and the other appliances panicking, it makes sense that with that conversation pretty fresh in his mind, Lampy would opt to do something like that.

But he’s cranky during his recovery– bulb broken and coughing up smoke.  It adds a touch of realism one doesn’t expect from a movie about talking appliances.  And, unsurprisingly, he’s afraid of Mr. St. Peters’ madhouse.

These characteristics sound like a real person.  He understands technology, even if he’s socially-lacking (the Air Conditioner’s insult).  He’s brave when it really counts, but doesn’t like spooky things.  He can be a rough patient, but loves his friends.

That’s pretty good for a desk-lamp, and a supporting character in general.  Definitely no stick figure!


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