Vampire Fatigue

I didn’t think it was possible.

I was the weird little kid, straight out of a Tim Burton movie, drawing pictures of myself at a monster castle at age 4.  And yet I think it’s happening.

I have vampire fatigue.  And it’s my damn Dracula project’s fault.

Not that the work wasn’t interesting.  Watching 9 key Dracula movies and analyzing 6 key scenes from each movie to see how the levels of violence change as they become more contemporary.  Except I strongly detest two of the movies… Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and the 1979 fiasco with Frank Langella and Laurence Olivier.  And then there’s the results.

Or rather the implied results… stuff I can’t code and quantify but mention in “Discussion.”  Well, at least they’re significant, and my hypothesis is correct.  With a couple outliers (the 1970s– quel surprise), adaptations of Dracula do become more violent as the films become more current.

I need a vacation.


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