“Nothing” is Worse

Well, same to you!

Well, same to you!

I’ve been thinking about insults.  The wherefores and the whys don’t belong on the Internet.

There’s so many unflattering things to call people: a liar, poison, a moron, an asshole, a prick… but nothing comes even close to calling someone a vagina, be the insult pussy or cunt.  Nothing.  Or “no-thing” in Shakespearean English.

The implication of such an insult is that the person it’s directed at is weak, powerless, doesn’t know their place….  They’re all ridiculous.  Think for a minute about what a vagina is capable of, and tell me it’s weak.  Then think of how fragile a penis is.  (I’m just saying.)

Also, how many women check to make sure their vagina is still there?  I didn’t realize it was a thing for guys to make sure their junk was still attached in the morning, or after a coma, or an accident, but I’ve come across enough popular culture references to assume it must be a thing.  Anyway, maybe that’s because the vagina, despite the “wandering womb” nonsense from the ancient Greeks, is not something women usually get hysterical (hah) over the fear of losing.

Anyway, I could go on in greater detail about why “vagina” is a stupid, sexist insult, but in theory most of us know that already.  Yet the insult remains.

When we’re angry with someone, we tend to go for any weaponry available (the time that thing ten years ago happened, etc.) and not necessarily analyze the impact of the weapon chosen.  (Gee, that sounds vaguely like history.)  For those who know not to use vagina as an insult, but aren’t sure what else packs the sting of calling someone the vilest word in the English language (cunt)… I don’t know what to do, either.  My goal is to find something else equally pleasing to the tongue that’s still insulting.  Qualities are good (like poisonous), though, of course, insults are in and of themselves undesirable.

But if we get away from ugly, senseless insults, we might edge more towards intelligent arguments.


4 thoughts on ““Nothing” is Worse

  1. I always wonder why people use dick indiscriminately but are shy about cunt. Both reduce the person to their genetalia. The implication is that cunt is worse because being accused of femaleness is worse, which is insulting.

    And then there’s jerk, short for jerkoff, and suck or sucker, which has its roots in homophobia (cocksucker or sucks ass). It is crazy how many of our insults are explicitly sexual.

    If you want to be an equal oppprtunity insulter, say asshole. Everyone has one. I always liked asshole as an insult for loud-mouthed people. Like they are spewing farts of stupidity into the world. But even that could be taken sexually, as it reduces the person again to a penetrable orifice.


    • I hadn’t thought of that (the homophobia in calling someone an asshole). I always thought more of it as farting stupidity, but that’s a really good point.
      As for dick… sometimes that can be used as a compliment. I don’t get it myself, but I knew guys who called each other that all the time. How to interperet it was left up to tone and context. “You got an A on the final? You dick!” (high five) Or, “You ate my cookies? You dick!”
      It would make an interesting study.


      • Haha. Even there, it’s used to express jealousy or anger, albeit in a joking manner. Like, I have to call you a dick and pretend to hate you because I can’t show affection!! Hahaha.

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  2. One more thought, sorry.

    My personal least favorite insult is bitch. At least “cunt” refers to a human body part. Bitch is dehumanizing on a whole other level…calling a woman a dog, with all the baggage of animal breeding that carries. If you call a woman a bitch, you are calling her a dog. If you call a man a bitch, you are making a prison rape joke or somehow saying that he ought to be raped. Bitch definitely has different implications depending on the sex of who is being insulted…I guess personal preferences differ, and I would much prefer cunt to bitch personally if for no other reason than that I am not really a dog person.

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