Top 10 Vampire Destruction Scenes #9 Scream Blacula Scream (Voodoo Doll)

This comes at exactly the right moment for the viewer's nerves.

This comes at exactly the right moment for the viewer’s nerves.

I’ve written about this movie before, though I was praising William Marshall as Prince Mamuwalde rather than any specific scene.

And the movie has several good ones: Willis’ first moments as a vampire, the murder at the party, the scene where Mamuwalde kills the two pimps, not to mention the final fight, of course.

Destroying a vampire without touching him (female vampires almost exclusively have hands laid on them) is surprisingly common (a lot of the Dracula incarnations in my academic study were destroyed by sunlight– a laissez faire method), doing that in a way that excludes sunlight is relatively rare.

Anyway, a recap of the plot before I go into the destruction scene.  The head of a voodoo community dies, and the congregation elects her adopted daughter, Lisa (Pam Grier), as the new head instead of her son, Willis (a deadly buffoon).  Jealous, he buys a bag of mysterious bones and performs a voodoo ritual over them, accidentally resurrecting Mamuwalde, who turns him into a vampire.  The prince meets Lisa and approaches her about curing his vampirism with voodoo.  Unfortunately, he gives into his vampiric urges a few times too many and about twenty cops in riot gear, along with Lisa’s boyfriend, Justin, show up to arrest/destroy him, and interrupt the ritual.  Faceless cops and lesser vampires all slay each other.  Lisa begs Mamuwalde not to hurt anyone, but his temper gets the better of him and he kills two officers in front of her.

Horrified, she refuses to do the ritual again, and when he makes to turn Justin into a vampire (for ruining his chance at being human again), she begins stabbing his voodoo doll again and again with a decorative crossbow bolt from the wall.  The vampire’s agony is palpable as she stabs the doll over and over again.  So is Lisa’s fear at what is happening, what she is doing, and her surprise that it’s taking him so long to die (such as it is).  My quibble with the scene is that it goes on too long.  One or two stabs would probably have been sufficient, but the destruction goes on and on, and ends on his agony rather than a return to dust, which would have been a more satisfying ending.

That being said, the treatment of voodoo itself is also interesting.  Aside from being able to name a few loa, I don’t know much about it as a religion, although it does seem to be played very straight in Scream Blacula Scream.  Even Willis’ antics are given a surprising amount of dignity– surprising for religion in general, but especially something as sensationalized as voodoo.

Unfortunately there are no videos of just the ending, but the movie is on YouTube.  Check it out before someone takes it down (


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