Top 10 Romantic Movie Moments Honorable Mention: Geraldine and Stern Headmistress, Love Actually (2003)

Deleted SceneI love this scene from Love Actually. I’d actually rate it above a bunch of others on the list, but the deal-breaker is, it’s a deleted scene from the actual movie.  (Seriously, couldn’t they have cut the Colin storyline to make room for this?)

The arc of this storyline would have related to the Emma Thompson character… the movie establishes early on that she has two kids: Daisy and Bernard.  We know Daisy plays First Lobster in the school Christmas pageant, and nothing about Bernard.  Originally, however, he would have been a difficult child, and his arc would be solved over his offensive essay about his Christmas wish to see people’s farts.  The essay gets him sent to the Stern Headmistress (we never find out her name), and instead of scolding him, Thompson’s character simply takes him home, as they laugh at the idea about magic fart-detecting gas.

Later, we would encounter the Stern Headmistress coming home to her ill partner, Geraldine (Frances De La Tour).  They drink wine, talk about their days, tease each other, and then comfort each other when laughing causes Geraldine pain.  The whole scene lasts about two minutes (I don’t count the epilogue that’s edited on at the end), and covers a lot of ground.

It’s not particularly grand, but it does find the beauty in the everyday life of these two women.  Anne Reid and Frances De La Tour have great chemistry, and it adds a lot of poignancy to their conversation about picking the apple, leek, and asparagus out of the fancy sausages they’ll eat for dinner, and the TV show Geraldine had been watching (“those two are the most appalling drivers!”).  Then, when Geraldine has a bad moment, and the Headmistress takes her hand and asks, “Are you all right, my love?” The audience is in the perfect spot for the emotional point to hit.  We’re simultaneously going “aww” and reaching for the Kleenex.

See the scene here (


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