Top 10 Movie Romantic Moments #10 Gomez and Morticia Addams

"Unhappy, darling?" "Oh, yes... completely."

“Unhappy, darling?”
“Oh, yes… completely.”

This couple had to appear on the list somewhere because they kind of epitomize affection, romance, and desire.  But it was hard to pick a scene that really stood out from The Addams Family, hence placing them near the bottom.  If I ranked couples, they’d be nearer the top.

But after a little thinking, it was clear that the scene where we first see them as a couple, when Morticia gets up in the morning, was the one to choose.  Just think about Gomez’s line: “Look at her… I would die for her.  I would kill for her.  Either way, what bliss!” And you know he absolutely means it. It’s romantic.  It’s creepy.  And mysteriously spooky, but you probably know the theme song (

This scene sets the tone for not only this couple, but really, the rest of the movie.  The entire family is devoted to each other (even the two kids), and these two most of all.  When Morticia complains about the morning sun, Gomez enthusiastically closes the blinds with a sword, and we know he carries out every request of hers, great or small, with similar enthusiasm.  And similar… kookiness.

If we’re all completely honest, Gomez and Morticia are probably a relationship goal for most people.  They adore each other.  They tease each other.  They torment each other (and love it).  They have a lot of undisputably hot sex. And everything they do is met with enthusiasm from the other one.  And did I mention they adore each other? The entire checklist may be unrealistic for mere mortals who can’t be electrocuted and laugh it off (who hasn’t rolled their eyes at something their partner has said or done), but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy watching them.

Huston and Julia have perfect chemistry, too.  One wishes they’d done more together.  They’d be positively ooky.


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