Top 10 Movie Romantic Moments #6 Raymond and Rita Cappomaggi

All I can say is awww.

All I can say is awww.

I know… I’ve put Moonstruck on a Romantic Movie list and I’m not talking about Cher and Nicholas Cage.  Honestly, I found the older couples more interesting.  And Grandpa.  Grandpa is awesome.

But my favorite are her aunt and uncle, Raymond and Rita, and to me the best scene in the movie is “Cosmo’s Moon.”  Grandpa telling his pack of hounds to howl, and then showing them how to howl is hilarious, Loretta and Ronnie’s moment is nice, but before that there’s Raymond and Rita.

All through dinner, Raymond had been going on about how the last time there had been a moon like this one, Cosmo (Cher’s dad) was courting his sister, Rose.  He looked out the window, and there was Cosmo looking up at the house with the big, full moon above him.  It was a good omen.

That night, he wakes up his wife, Rita, to show her the moon.  She’s skeptical about it, asking, “How could Cosmo own the moon?”

Raymond says, “I dunno.”

Then she smiles.  “You know something?  Standing there, like that, with that look on your face… you look about 25-years-old.”  (She’s sort of right.)

He stands there for a moment, smiles, nearly smirking, and then goes back to bed….

It’s a beautiful, quiet scene.  And it’s something you don’t see very often.  A romantic moment between two elderly characters that’s not meant to be gross, or played for laughs.  You don’t doubt that this couple really loves each other, and still has some spark.  Like Geraldine and Stern Headmistress, it’s a kind of relationship one would really like to have.  See your partner’s glamour after 40 years.

See for yourselves: