Top 10 Movie Romantic Moments #4 Nick Chambers and Cora Papadakis

Such a scene!

A quiet moment.

Christ, no.  Not that scene.  Pardon the blasphemy.

Anyway, Jack Nicholson again.  This was a movie I wasn’t supposed to see, but I was a resourceful YouTube lurker, and after I’d read the novel The Postman Always Rings Twice, and experienced the disappointment of the original movie, I knew I had to do better.  And in the remake, I did do better.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best adaptation of the book that could be done, but it is good.

And the movie that relies heavily on shock value from the damn kitchen table scene immediately follows it up with a very quiet, and surprisingly sweet scene that quickly became one of my favorites.  It’s even better than the scene in the book.

In the book, after Nick and Cora have sex for the first time, Nick’s conscience gets to him, so he slugs her in the arm.  And runs away.  Remind me why she wants to kill her husband for this guy, please?  Anyway, in the movie, they play the whole scene as very playful.  Nick is sitting at the counter, having breakfast, while Cora is cleaning up in the kitchen.  Then you see him get an idea, and he goes up to Cora and whacks her on the backside.  It’s a pretty good wallop, but it’s very obvious that he’s playing.  And Cora is only mad for a moment.

And they share a couple of kisses.  It’s very quiet.  It’s playful– very free of drama or anything too shocking and gratuitous.  And it feels genuine, but in a non-intrusive way.  The actors had great chemistry, I think from being a real life couple at the time, and it shows here.  You buy this couple.  You buy that they’re not just about sex, even though they are all about that aspect of the relationship, too.  I think when so many movies tend to divide relationships between being passionate and being tender, it’s nice to see a movie where both things are not only touched on but appreciated and explored.

So, for all my making fun of the kitchen table (and it deserves the making fun of and the criticism), it did lead to one of my favorite cinematic moments.  I can deal with that.  I’d include the link to it, but The Postman Always Rings Twice never stays on YouTube for very long.  Just be resourceful, whether you’re a lurker or not!


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