Top 10 Movie Romantic Moments #2 Edward and Sandra Bloom (older)

"I don't think I'll ever dry out."

“I don’t think I’ll ever dry out.”

If it’s one thing this list has shown me, it’s that I have a soft-spot for older couples. That’s probably why I was the only one in my family not horrified to hear that my 95-year-old great-grandmother had a boyfriend.

And before I get into the details of my favorite scene, can I just praise Albert Finney’s Southern accent?  I think his accent was better than Ewan McGregor ‘s.  But, to the point.

The bathtub scene is my favorite part of the whole movie.  After the son is an ass to Sandra when they’re going through paperwork in the shed,  she finds the old telegram from when Edward went missing overseas and goes upstairs to see him.  He was in the bathtub, in his pajamas, underwater, holding his breath.  When he sees her smiling, he sits up, and explains that he was drying out.

She suggests that they get some sort of misting tool and spray him like a fern, takes off her shoes, and gets into the tub with him, nice dress and all.  They splash, and laugh, and suddenly she gets teary.  Edward comforts her, and they just lie in the tub and cuddle as the scene ends.

It’s a very sweet, fun scene.  In it, you understand why these two are together… they love each other, obviously, and they have a lot of whimsy.  She probably keeps him down-to-earth, and he lets her loosen up.  They find humor, even in sad moments, and accept each other’s little quirks.  They also comfort each other.  It’s funny.  It’s romantic.  It’s sad.  And it’s surprisingly relate-able.

Couples do all kinds of things that only make sense to themselves, but I think everyone knows someone who has done something like this, whether the occasion is happy or sad.  And next to Cathy and Heathcliff, this part of Edward and Sandra’s love story is a pretty damn good “relationship goal” to have.

Fortunately, this video is available on YouTube, so I’ll leave it here.  I’m sorry if it makes some of you sad (


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