In the Full Moonlight


Original photo by Michael Samerdyke

I recently put out my third ebook, a short horror novel titled In the Full Moonlight. This is probably the fastest I’ve ever put out a book– probably from inception to posting, it took 13 months. And if I hadn’t waffled so much over the editing phase, it wouldn’t even have taken that long.

Interestingly enough, I got the idea for this novel from a Reddit thread. People were talking about supernatural experiences, and someone wrote in about their grandparents being chased by the rougarou, the Cajun werewolf. I started to write a short story about a werewolf in the American south, and twenty pages later, it wasn’t anywhere close to finished. So I kept writing.

The story follows a young librarian named Caroline Schaffer, who encounters a monster one night while out on a midnight walk. As she recovers from the scare and begins a relationship with a man the incident put her into contact with, she begins to explore the history of the monster and her new community. As events build up, the desire to stay safe conflicts with her wish to do something about it.

Now that I’ve finished this project, I still have a laundry list of other books to complete. My fairy tales, I meant to complete at the end of 2016, but…. In addition to the fairy tales, I have two other horror projects in the works, one involving a vampire and one involving ghouls, as well as a big fantasy project. As I make progress, I’ll post.

In the Full Moonlight is available at the ibookstore (, Barnes and Noble (, Kobo, and a few other vendors.


Deep in a Glass: Alcoholic Poetry

Cover Art by Nutmeg Nautilus, 2017

I have a new book! Deep in a Glass: Alcoholic Poetry is my first poetry collection, and two of the poems started out as blog posts: “My Danish Love, or an Ode to Vodka” and “Haiku Rosso y Bianco.”

You may find it at, Barnes and Noble (ebook only), Kobo, and the iBookstore, among others. I am very excited, after publishing nothing for several years.

Because the book is so short, and because I released two of the poems already, there is no sample download. However, you can read the wine and vodka entries here: ( and here (

My first book, No Rest: A Noir Collection is already available at the aforementioned retailers.


On Banned Books Week

bannedOnce upon a time, a young writer sent her aunt who was a teacher at a Catholic school a horror story she had written.   The teacher loved it, and since it was so close to Halloween, decided to read it to her students at the end of the day.  The students loved it, and went home to enthusiastically relay to their parents the awesome vampire story the teacher was reading.  A few parents were not amused.  And this is how your humble friend and narrator (with respects to Burgess) joined the ranks of authors of banned works, for her unpublished story “The Lady.”

That’s all true.  And honestly, “The Lady” doesn’t deserve to be banned, and it doesn’t deserve to sit upon the shelf next to the likes of Of Mice and Men, Fahrenheit 541, and Animal Farm.  There’s nothing political in it, and while it does contain some graphic bites, it’s quite conservative as far as vampire stories go.  The titular character is a foreign female vampire who begins preying on a quasi-Portsmouth, Ohio town when her coffin is accidentally removed from its spot in the river, which kept her from rising (running water).  She kills a few people, and then is staked through the heart by a doctor and a pastor.

The story challenges no one’s sensibilities, and takes very few risks.  It’s by no means my best work, or even my best horror.  So why all the fuss?  I admit, when I heard what happened, although I was concerned for my aunt, I was pleased that my writing had prompted such a strong reaction.  Ay, there’s the rub.  Is Banned Books Week truly celebrating intellectual freedom, or just seeking attention?

In all honesty, the answer is probably both.  And such an answer means that we who turn out at local libraries and independent bookstores, or even big retailers like Barnes and Noble should take the good with the bad.  Here is a whole cornucopia of “dangerous” ideas, ripe for critiquing, analyzing, and, most importantly, learning.  But keep in mind the sales-boostiness of the event… but not to the extent that you avoid the books anyhow.

I’d like to challenge the status-quo in my writing, and I feel I have in some of my unpublished works.  But I don’t want another story banned for some silly reason like “it has the supernatural in it.”  There’s no point in challenging that assertion.  Yes, vampires are supernatural.  So what?  Talk to me when I write something truly offensive.


Huzzah and Hurrah!

Cover image

Cover image

That shameless plug appears much sooner than I anticipated.

But yes, my ebook is now available at Barnes and Noble (  Needless to say, I am very excited about it… victory dance levels of excitement, actually.

Anyway, the book is called No Rest: A Noir Collection.  It contains two novellas and three short stories.  The novellas are crime noir stories that follow each-other and the characters through a grim world of murder, robbery, suicide, and designer drugs. The three short stories are mysteries solved by private detective, Lily Astor.

The first 20% of the book is available as a free sample… by my estimate, that’s most of the first novella.  Do me the honor, please, of taking a look.  I’d say you won’t regret it, but then, I’m the author.  Still, please, read, and critique.  I’d love to hear from you.