Deep in a Glass: Alcoholic Poetry

Cover Art by Nutmeg Nautilus, 2017

I have a new book! Deep in a Glass: Alcoholic Poetry is my first poetry collection, and two of the poems started out as blog posts: “My Danish Love, or an Ode to Vodka” and “Haiku Rosso y Bianco.”

You may find it at, Barnes and Noble (ebook only), Kobo, and the iBookstore, among others. I am very excited, after publishing nothing for several years.

Because the book is so short, and because I released two of the poems already, there is no sample download. However, you can read the wine and vodka entries here: ( and here (

My first book, No Rest: A Noir Collection is already available at the aforementioned retailers.


My Danish Love, or an Ode to Vodka

So wild and frosty is she thought to be.

And she brings fire to my lips, it is true.

Yet so gently she waits, not far from me,

ready for the days when my soul turns blue.

It may be shameful to covet her kiss,

so sharp and full of the fire of white nights.

Yet I am drawn to that cold, smoky mist,

to ease my pain, and to renew my might.

I take care not to love, need her too much,

but I have no wish to hide in the dark.

The world’s pain she dulls with her burning touch,

and there is no harm, in a one-off lark.

I feel guilty to use her so simply,

still, the Danes have taught me to drink deeply.



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